HD Brows

What is HD Brows?

HD Brows has revolutionised brow styling using a seven-step procedure during which you're eyebrows are transformed and enhanced to frame your face to perfection. Eyebrows play an extremely important part in how the face looks and can make the face appear smaller or longer and the nose look longer or shorter for example. The treatment has even been described as a mini face lift! Every brow hair is important and extreme attention to detail is part of what makes HD Brows stand apart from conventional brow shaping treatments. The procedure begins using the HD Brows design formula to design the shape and size of your eyebrows to suit the shape and contours of your face. They are then tinted to your specification using a range of colours. The remaining steps include waxing, threading and plucking to refine and define the shape of your eyebrows. They are then finished to perfection using make-up from the Make-Up by HD Brows range. Following the treatment your eyebrows will be transformed and defined to perfection in high definition. You'll see why so many celebrities love it. Once you've had your first HD Brows treatment you'll be looking forward to your next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have sparse eyebrows, is this treatment suitable for me?
A. Yes. Everyone can achieve the HD Brows look, even if you have over-plucked or sparse eyebrows. During your treatment, I will assess your eyebrows in order to identify any areas which may need to be allowed to grow-in over a period of time. This can take between 2 and 20 sessions depending on how quickly your eyebrows grow and I will show you how to conceal and camouflage those sparse areas with Make-Up by HD Brows during your re-growth programme. There are also products available to apply to your eyebrows which condition and enhance the brows and over time, hair growth and quality can be improved.

Q. I don't want really dark, big eyebrows, can I choose the colour and shape?
A. Absolutely! Every client has their own individual ideas about how they want their eyebrows to look; slim or full, strong or soft, arched or flat, curved or angular and so on. Every face is different and is treated as such. Your input with regards to colour, size, shape and style are essential. I will use my knowledge and training to advise on what I feel would suit you with regards to your face shape and contours and your individual colouring and style, then I will create your unique bespoke brows defined to perfection. It is a common misconception that HD Brows are dark, heavy brows, this is not necessarily the case.

Q. How often do I need to have the treatment?
A. This varies from one client to another but is mainly decided by taking into account how fast your eyebrows grow and how well they will hold the tint. On average, 4 weeks is a good general guide. However, if your eyebrows grow quickly or you may be tempted to pluck, 2 to 3 weeks between appointments is advisable.

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